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Mamuka Kvaratskhelia
Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
508 Riffe Building

Professional Interests

The focus of Mamuka Kvaratskhelia’s laboratory research is to understand HIV replication, cancer development and DNA repair processes at the molecular level. The knowledge obtained will be exploited to develop new, highly effective anti-viral and anti-cancer drugs. They primarily use mass spectrometry as both a proteomic and structural biology tool to elucidate the composition and architecture of key biological macromolecules. In particular, powerful mass spectrometric methodologies are being developed to obtain high-resolution structural information on protein-nucleic acid, protein-protein and drug-protein complexes. Proteomic applications in our laboratory include dissection of human proteins participating in HIV replication, revealing essential posttranslational modifications in proteins, discovery of biomarkers for the early detection of cancer and identification of factors responsible for anti-cancer drug resistance. They augment our structural and proteomic studies with traditional biochemical, molecular biology and biophysical analysis to obtain a comprehensive picture of these important biological events.

Recent Publications

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  • Postdoctoral Fellowships: Biological Chemistry Department of John Innes Center, England, UK; Biochemistry Department of the Dundee University, Scotland, UK and HIV Drug Resistance Program of the National Cancer Institute, MD, USA.
  • Ph.D., 1990, The Georgian Institute and the Biotechnology Center of the Moscow State University, Biochemistry (Chemical Enzymology)